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Nordic Noir – 2017-2018

Short movie made out of some video clips shot during my travels in Iceland. Used for the book launch of Nordic Noir.

Camera, Photography: Sébastien Van Malleghem
Editor and Artistic direction: Fraw
Music and mix: Fraw

Video with English subs.

© Sébastien Van Malleghem

Our documentary called the 'Prison Project.' The Prison Project is a short (11 minutes) documentary on the work of photographer Sébastien van Malleghem inside the Belgian Prison of Oudenaarde. Sébastien van Malleghem, known for his series and book 'PRISONS' (selected as one of the best photo books of the year 2015 by TIME) is the center topic of the documentary, alongside three prisoners and their personal stories. In his journey through the penitentiary facilities of Belgium he has given his audience a unique perspective on life behind bars through one of the purest forms of photography: black and white. Director(s): Rien Bexkens & Thiemo van Dam Camera: Thiemo van Dam Editor: Ruben Broekhuis Music and mix: Dorian Broekhuyse Concept and Production: Menno Pijpers & Roy Oosterbaan The Prison Project is a initiative of Albus Lux Contemporary & Stripes Clothing, made possible by the Federal Public Service of Justice Belgium, the prison of Oudenaarde and the city of Rotterdam. This video is in English, French, Dutch and Flemish with English subtitles. © Rien Bexkens 2016.

Film and direction : Van Malleghem Sebastien
Video editing : Antoine Castro

During the last year of the reportage Police, I decided to film while I was embed at night with the cops in the town of Nivelles, Belgium. The need came from a repetition of many missions, the sound and the tension that I wanted to write in a different form than photography and talk about the bitterness, violence and absurdism of certain situations of cops lives. At that time, I used an Ipod Nano and a Canon camera to film.

The visual reportage received a national award of the best short film by the Festival 5/5 la Louvière in 2013, and was selected for the Brussels Short Film Festival in 2012.

Director, Camera, Photography: Sébastien Van Malleghem
Editor: Antoine Castro
Music and mix: No rights. Radiohead, Thom York, Trentmoller

© Sébastien Van Malleghem


Film and direction : Van Malleghem Sebastien

Video editing : Antoine Castro


Daan - Parfait Mensonges (official video) "Parfaits Mensonges" new single & video directed by Daan and photographer Sebastien Van Malleghem.