The sea that floats above your eyes

I almost forgot. Sunday eve my assistant reminds me that we decided to go to the eastern part of Belgium to photograph a Moto Cross race. After a short hesitation I thought It would be good for my weird mind to get off to smell a bit of gasoline and walk in the mud. ‘Cause It’s not like I care much about motocross.
I care more about humans.



I spotted that couple, watching the race. Beautiful in their hold, they couldn’t stop surrounding each other with their arms. Rubbing their heads in each others neck.


Further down the hill, I see that man yelling at his son on the bike. Quite a character. I liked his fake brutality, that gold teeth necklace and the moustache. Weird redneck looking man. Probably passionate by the engines and the results of the race.

Oh! Yes, you noticed. This is square format.
I had no purpose of shooting, it was just my own pleasure so I decided to mostly go square format. To force myself to think differently. To go slower. You can pick the 1/1 ratio format from the Nikon D850.

Hearing constantly these motors running, the handles going up and down, the tires in the mud;
I had to photograph it. At least a bit.

Here we go.


Different riders - differents motos - all of them on their peak of determination, several races during the day and yet all around - people chilling watching, eating, drinking. Fathers screaming along the road. Sweet.

The whistle blows


And my favorite image, guilty pleasure. Hitching moment.

A false start


Probably the hardest moment for a pilot to get. The engine can’t start.

And there he is - stuck in a cloud of dust with someone to help.
I love that photograph because of that peak going to the ultimate moment of adrenaline and then suddenly disappears in a sec. That adreline that will stick into his blood until the next race. I’m sure he will start and win the next one just cause of that stupid engine. At least I hope he will.

Now let me get back to the contre-champ of the race.

While walking by, I saw a girl crying and sitting on the back of a truck. I decided to photograph her cause she moved me. After few seconds focusing just on her, I noticed that life was going all around her. The general scene, moved me even more.


A part of the race goes through the woods, I decided to go to get fresh air and see what was happening there.

Again, humans watching the race, sitting in a forest. I thought it was weird.
These kids, probably thought I was the weirdo.


Back outside that “jungle” I had in my mind, the people enjoying the moment and thunders starting to burst the sky above us.


It was time to leave, not to move away from the rain but the sound. Just the sound. Killing your ears.
Michael pointed out the “Hautes-Fagnes” where we decided to head. Walking quietly in the natural park.
Obviously not surprised by the rain - neither the thunders sparkling in the sky.


This is the end of this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. At least, I did!
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