New photography book. Mexican Morgues available now

Mexican Morgues

A new book by Van Malleghem with PhotoPaper Publishing.

I would never have imagine that I would have been sent to Mexico City by a Belgian Museum (BOZAR) in 2016. I thought they wouldn’t accept my proposal about working inside Morgues in Mexico City. But yet they did. I was lucky enough to find a guide in the person of Luis Antonio to walk through the area with me to get me documenting Death inside a Megalopolis. I have written the story in my new and 5th photography book “Mexican Morgues” published with Photopaper. You can order it on their website, or by writing them at

The book cost 14€ and can be shipped everywhere. English & French


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PS: I had a question on social network regarding the picture I was the most “Proud” of.

The answer is simple: I'm not proud of any particular photo. To be proud of it, would mean that I compare them and that these images are in competition with others. What I refuse completely because they are all different stories and moments and it can not be compared. Especially working on social reportage. In view of my reports, I have always wanted to impact the readers with strong images, and stories of Men and Women that most of people don’t want to look at or themes that they are scared to understand. I am proud that these photos have been published and showed - My photos must impact, and if they do, I will be proud of the hole they will have left in the mind of people.

On a more light point of view I have some favorite, but it changes, it varies with my mood.
That one for exemple, is one of my favorite image.

© Sébastien Van Malleghem / Nordic Noir / 2012-2018

© Sébastien Van Malleghem / Nordic Noir / 2012-2018